Hear what our Founding Members
have to say about this program!

Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD

Bellevue, WA

“Kids have one chance to grow up with an optimal physiologic airway and breathing pattern. Dental teams are the best health care providers to identify and manage children at risk. Up to now, getting everyone trained to make a difference for these kids has been difficult. I think the ASAP Pathway is a terrific way for dental teams to create a culture of health for the little ones that will pay off for lifetimes. The ASAP Pathway is fun, too!”

John Kim, DDS

Irvine, CA

“Holy Cow, you guys have a lot of content. Super thorough and detailed/ It’s great, because you talk about theory and implementing practically. It speaks for itself and it’s AWESOME. There is nothing else like it right now.”

Meggie Graham, DDS

Milwaukee, WI

“I have done so much CE over the last 10 years and ASAP is by far the best investment I have made. Not only is the content and access to top-of-the-line speakers unparalleled, the community and discussions are invaluable. Tracey, Stacy, and Michelle what are you guys have created is really special and impressive. Thanks for doing what you do! You’re changing the world one kiddo at a time!”

Chris Cantlon, DDS

Grand Prairie, AB

“After watching my 3-year-old niece snore, have labored breathing, along with being very small with delayed growth from sleep apnea even after having her adenoids removed, I wanted to know if there was something I could do as a dentist. I had previous education and understanding about obstructive sleep disordered breathing with the importance of nasal breathing and arch development but a preform appliance was not doing enough for my niece and I knew she needed more help. The ASAP Pathway educational videos along with the clinical support has not only provided the missing information that I was searching for but has provided me with a community and support group that is not only outstanding but exceeded my every expectation. The amount of information in every video along with the supported literature perfectly coincides with the complex nature of pediatric airway and sleep disordered breathing. Although I am very new to the paediatric airway community, they have welcomed me and embraced me always going above and beyond to reply to any post or message that I send. What I love most about the ASAP pathway is that everyone is candid and are willing to share what they know along with their mistakes and things to avoid. I always make sure that every dollar I invest into continuing education is worth the value and practical, something I can apply at my office and I know that you will not find a better educational source along with the community anywhere else when it comes to pediatric sleep and airway.”

Ally Drew, DDS

Aptos, CA

“I have taken many Dental Sleep Medicine courses, as well as sleep courses hosted by local Airway orthodontists/ENT groups.

My local Sleep M.D.’s interest peaked with me because I said “I can manage children with sleep apnea with expansion”.

The Sleep MD’s are looking for dentists that can do palatal expansion on children with Sleep Disordered Breathing because it’s in their literature that 1. Rapid Palatal Expansion increases nasal airway volume, 2. CPAP harms the growth trajectory of the mid face.

The Sleep Medical Community is looking for your help.

ASAP is the first comprehensive course that gives you all the tools along with the proper paperwork needed: How to screen, How to diagnose, How to build relationships with Sleep MD, ENT and the medical community. How to speak their language and understand what their skill is. Also, how to see their viewpoint from which they manage a sleep patient.

How to management plan and co-management plan with other professionals.

Learn how to read a sleep study, Learn Myofunctional Therapy, Learn how to write an RX for certain bloodwork that affects sleep.

The list goes on. If you want a well organized program to learn how to evaluate, screen, management plan and how to work with your medical community this is really the only program of its kind.”

Lupita Roca, DDS

Arlington, VA

“I happen to see joining ASAP In Feb 2019 when I was searching through Facebook. I had already spent over 200 hours on CE, several residencies and over $20,000 attending classes over over the world on airway since 2018…. I thought I had learned already so much what else could ASAP teach me? Why should I spend all the money they were asking… since I had already worked 27 years in practice and had all the forms already set in my practice and attended so many classes on the topic…..

I did not know any of the founders or leaders and did not want to make an impulsive decision… What pushed me over the edge to join was that they said I could get my money back if I did not feel it was worth the money and if I could not learn anything from it. So I decided to take the plunge, I figured besides my husband freaking out about the credit card bill I had nothing to lose.

Now a few months later I can tell you it was a great decision. It is an ever changing field and we are all learning it together. They have really done a fantastic job pouring information into the site and are always willing to lend a hand or answer a question. I am a solo practitioner but now I feel like I have 3 other partners I can go to if I have a question and not feel guilty. Easiest partnership ever. We can all get the literature they found but they organized it in such a great way that it is easy to find and also explain it which makes it easier to understand. The modules are excellent clear and concise, the best part is I don’t fall asleep while listening to them. Their voices don’t stress me out and I really like listening to them. My favorite part is that it is 3 women and they get it all!

Every time I have listened to a module I have learned a lot of new information or a different way of looking at it in this ever changing field. I was also tired of traveling everywhere and I was excited to think that I could just let them summarize what is being said and save on airfare and hotels. The funny thing is I did not skip sections I was excited to rehear everything even areas I thought I knew well. I originally was excited to skip all the areas I knew and only review what I was unclear about at the time. That was not the case, it was fun to listen to ALL of it because I pulled lots of gems out of each module. I wish I had this in the beginning of my journey it would have made it so much easier and not so overwhelming the way they have broken it down will help the topic not feel so overwhelmed when starting this journey. They explain it in such a way that is calming and clear.

I highly recommend ASAP !”