In a world where discussions about sleep and airway issues dominate the dental landscape, the journey to understanding and addressing these concerns has evolved drastically. Join us as we dive into the remarkable transformation of dental care over the last decade, from overlooking airway and sleep health to making it a core aspect of treatment planning.
Join us as we uncover the journey of understanding and addressing sleep and airway concerns in children. Whether you’re a dedicated Dentist seeking comprehensive guidance, a health care provider wanting to collaborate and Find a Provider to work with, or a concerned Parent evaluating your child’s well-being, our podcast sheds light on a clear pathway forward. To take the next step, become a member of our community or access valuable resources for your child’s evaluation.

EP. 1

It’s a Family Affair, Jay Becker

Join Dr. Stacy Ochoa, with ASAP Pathway, as she embarks on a transformative journey with her inaugural guest, Jason (aka her brother). In this debut episode, they discuss their story of how suboptimal airway and sleep health have affected their lives and families.

In a masterful blend of lightheartedness and profound insights, they kickstart the conversation with a playful twist on a topic that holds immense significance. Jason, a firsthand witness to the profound impact of airway health, shares his personal story of how poor sleep and breathing have affected his life and how it really started…in childhood.

Their story….might be your family’s story.
Mouthbreathing in childhood or EVER is not healthy
Habitual snoring in childhood or EVER is not healthy
Early orthodontic intervention has a role in your health
This is the ASAP Pathway Podcast, Airway, Sleep, and Pediatric Pathway, where sleep and airway health take center stage, one breath at a time.
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No one was coming to her aide to HELP HER OWN CHILDREN. Beyond tonsilloadenoidectomy and CPAP there seemed to be no options. She knew there HAD to be something else!!! She wanted answers! She was a mother on a mission, and nothing was going to stop her!

She couldn’t ignore sleep and breathing problems in her own children, so how could she continue to ignore them in her patients?

As such, her DSM practice transitioned from treatment of adults to include children as well.

Stacy then took the following courses on her journey looking for answers for her own children and the parents who would put their trust in her helping their children.

  • Biobloc Coursework
  • TAD Expansion Coursework
    Phase 1 Expansion Coursework (Gerber Interceptive Pediatric Orthodontics)
  • ALF Coursework (Under Dr. Darick Norstrom, Inventor of the ALF therapy)
  • Buteyko Breathing
  • Myobrace/Healthy Start/Myomunchee and other functional appliance Coursework
  • Training with Dr. Stasha Gominak (Harvard-trained Neurologist) on the role of Vitamin D and Sleep.
  • Studying the Endocannabinoid System (the role of EBs and Phyto EBs on sleep health)

And… she is Not done…because she knows there is more.

Today, she is one of the key pediatric airway speakers at the annual North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium. She continues to lecture across the country at local clubs and organizations raising awareness of this treatable and preventable epidemic. She also mentors others on this journey and helps guide dentists on their paths to bring this much-needed intervention into their dental practices. She juggles the roles of Mom, Dentist, Business Owner, and Pediatric Airway Warrior, sometimes dropping a ball as we all do, but picking it right back up and juggling away… because it’s important.

Knowing that she could only help so many dentists by herself, and with her limited time and energy, she teamed up with Michelle and Tracey.

EP. 2

Moms In the Trenches with Dr. Jill Ombrello

Dr. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Jill Ombrello discuss the importance of pediatric airway health and sleep. Dr. Ombrello is a fourth-generation dentist and author of “Moms in the Trenches,” a book that aims to empower parents with actionable insights and a supportive community to make informed decisions about their children’s health. The speakers emphasize the need to break down the complexities of pediatric airway health and sleep in a way that makes sense to parents and provide additional information that may change the way they look at the same problem. The podcast highlights the importance of pediatric airway health and sleep, which is gaining momentum in the medical field. The book provides practical advice for parents on how to improve their children’s airway health, and the doctors hope that it will help parents make informed decisions about their children’s health. The podcast ends with Dr. Ochoa encouraging listeners to check out Dr. Ombrello’s book and visit their website for more information. The podcast is not intended to be used as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.
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EP. 3

Airway Health BEYOND the Anatomy…What’s Neuro Got To Do With It?

Join Dr. Stacy Ochoa as she has a much-needed discussion with Dr. Angie Tenholder, one of the world’s leading teachers on the topic of ALF therapy, Babylase, and Oralase. Dr. Angie Tenholder has learned ALF Therapy and the impact of neural connections through the power of laser and ALF therapy, under Dr. Darick Nordstrom.
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EP. 4

Early Orthodontic Intervention PART 1, Dr. Mike DeLuke

Dr. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Mike DeLuke discuss the importance of early intervention in orthodontic and dental treatment for children with sleep and airway issues. They emphasize the need for thorough diagnosis and treatment planning, dispelling the misconception that intercepted treatment is solely about expanding arches to cure sleep apnea. The speakers discuss specific treatment options, including maxillary expansion and the use of braces and wires.

They address the resistance some orthodontists have towards early intervention and stress the importance of addressing sleep and airway issues in children early on to prevent irreversible neurocognitive deficits and behavioral issues.

The speakers argue that orthodontists and dentists are in a unique position to identify and address these issues, as they see children more frequently than pediatricians and can observe craniofacial changes. They highlight the need for proactive care and a paradigm shift towards prevention and early intervention in orthodontics and dentistry. They also discuss the limitations of current diagnostic criteria for sleep apnea in children and advocate for a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of collaboration between orthodontists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in addressing airway issues in children. It highlights the need for unity within the dental community and collaboration with physicians to provide the best care for patients. The speakers also discuss the benefits of using advanced imaging techniques, such as 3D imaging, in orthodontic treatment for children and encourage healthcare professionals to embrace new technologies for better patient outcomes.
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EP. 5

Early Orthodontic Intervention PART 2, Dr Mike DeLuke

Drs Ochoa and DeLuke discuss various topics related to orthodontic treatment for children, including the importance of sleep and airway health, intercept orthodontic treatment, the use of braces and wires, expanders, and Invisalign.

The conversations emphasize the need for a thorough diagnosis and treatment planning process, as well as the importance of collaboration between dentists, orthodontists, and medical colleagues to provide comprehensive care for patients. They highlight the impact of sleep disorders on children’s overall health and well-being, including neurocognitive issues and hyperactivity.

Dr. DeLuke shares his innovative approach to orthodontic treatment using braces and wires in young patients, focusing on developing wide arches and the role of the tongue in shaping the palate. The speakers also discuss the use of expanders and Invisalign in young children, acknowledging the potential benefits but also the challenges and limitations.

The conversations stress the importance of early intervention and interceptive orthodontic treatment in young children, and the need for a shift in orthodontic practices to prioritize children’s needs and improve patient outcomes. They mention the ASAP Pathway as a resource for professionals interested in interceptive orthodontics and pediatric dental sleep medicine.
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EP. 6

Ears, Nose and Throat ….OH MY! Dr. David McIntosh

Dr. David McIntosh, an ENT specialist from Australia, who discusses with Dr. Stacy Ochoa, the importance of airway health, particularly in children. The conversation focuses on the history and evolution of ENT surgery, specifically tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Dr. McIntosh emphasizes the need for collaboration between ENTs and dentists and staying updated with the latest research. The podcast aims to empower listeners with actionable insights and foster a supportive community.

The conversation also discusses mouth breathing and its causes, such as physical airway obstruction. The speakers highlight the importance of accurate diagnosis and treatment for children with airway issues. They discuss the correlation between deviated septum and mouth breathing and the need to address the root causes of mouth breathing.

The podcast transcript also touches on viral infections as the root cause of airway problems and the role of diet in inflammation. The speakers discuss the risks and benefits of tonsil surgery and the impact of mouth breathing on heart function. They emphasize the importance of evidence-based practice and continuous reassessment of treatment approaches.

The conversation also covers sleep apnea, sleep studies, and acid reflux in children. The speakers discuss the limitations of sleep questionnaires and the relationship between acid reflux and sleep disorder breathing. They stress the importance of early intervention for sleep apnea to prevent long-term damage to brain development.
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EP. 7

Thankful for Comprehensive Orthodontics, Dr. Ilya Lipkin

Drs Stacy Ochoa and Ilya Lipkin discuss the importance of airway health and joint-based occlusion in orthodontics. Dr. Lipkin shares his journey and how he became interested in these areas, starting with his experience as a sleep technician during dental school.

He also attended a lecture by Ron Roth, an orthodontist who emphasized the significance of jaw joints in orthodontics. This led Dr. Lipkin to pursue further education in the Roth-Williams philosophy, which focuses on addressing the structure of chewing, including the jaw joints.

Dr. Lipkin’s practice differs from traditional orthodontics as he takes a more comprehensive and individualized approach to treatment. He incorporates expansion techniques and analyzes the outcomes of his cases to improve his practice. Over the years, he has observed positive changes in his patient’s airway health and sleep quality after undergoing treatment.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of considering airway health in orthodontics and the potential benefits it can bring to patients. The speakers also discuss the need for a comprehensive approach that takes into account factors like joint health and occlusion. They express their dislike for labels such as “airway center practice” or “airway orthodontist,” advocating for orthodontists to be seen as oral physicians who provide holistic patient care.

The conversation concludes with a call for more collaborative discussions and less negativity within the orthodontic community. Overall, the podcast highlights the significance of a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care and its potential impact on patients’ overall health and well-being.
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EP. 8

The Mom That Didn’t Give Up!, Melody Yazdani Zhang

The podcast features a conversation between Dr Stacy Ochoa and guest Melody Yazdani Zhang, a photographer and mother. They discuss Melody’s experience with her son’s sleep apnea and the challenges she faced in getting a diagnosis and treatment. Melody emphasizes the lack of awareness about sleep-disordered breathing in children and the frustration she felt with healthcare professionals. Eventually, she found a new pediatrician and an ENT who helped her son receive the necessary treatment. The conversation highlights the importance of educating parents and healthcare providers about the connection between sleep apnea and behavioral issues in children.

The podcast also discusses the lack of awareness among healthcare practitioners regarding the connection between airways and overall health. Melody shares her personal journey of discovering and addressing her child’s airway issues, which resulted in significant improvements in his behavior and overall health. The speakers emphasize the need for more awareness and conversations among parents and practitioners to ensure that children receive the care they need.

This podcast is important because it sheds light on the lack of awareness and information about sleep-disordered breathing in children and the impact it can have on their behavior and overall health.
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EP. 9

The Orthodontist On a Mission, Dr. Courtney Lavigne

This podcast features a conversation between Dr. Stacy Ochoa, a dentist, and Dr. Courtney Lavigne, a dentist who specialized in restorative dentistry before transitioning to orthodontics. They discuss the importance of considering airway health and sleep in dental and orthodontic practices. Dr. Levine shares her journey of discovering the significance of airway health and sleep concerning overall health.

The conversation covers topics such as the challenges of integrating airway health into orthodontic practices, the need for interdisciplinary collaboration, and the importance of identifying and addressing underlying health issues in patients. Dr. Lavigne emphasizes the need for dentists to understand the connection between airway health, sleep, and overall well-being, and to incorporate this knowledge into their treatment plans.

Dr. Lavigne discusses how sold her restorative practice in 2020 and began her orthodontic residency.

The conversation highlights the importance of considering airway health and sleep in dental and orthodontic practices and the need for dentists to stay informed and adapt their approaches to provide comprehensive care for their patients. Dr. Lavigne’s journey serves as a reminder of the impact that airway health can have on overall health and the potential for dentists to make a difference in their patient’s lives.

Dr. Lavigne encourages orthodontists to have an open mind and consider the potential impact of the airway on orthodontic treatment.

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EP. 10

Orthodontic Ghosts of Christmas Past

The podcast transcript features a conversation between two speakers, Stacy and Mike. They discuss the importance of dentists triaging and identifying at-risk patients who may need orthodontic interventions.

The conversation emphasizes the need for collaboration between medical and dental professionals and the importance of advocating for patient care. The speakers discuss the resistance some orthodontists have towards early intervention and the stigma associated with it. They also mention the lack of research and studies on the effectiveness of certain treatments.

The conversation highlights the role of general dentists in providing care for young patients when orthodontists may not be willing to do so. The speakers share personal experiences and success stories to support their arguments. The podcast emphasizes the changing landscape of dentistry and the need for professionals to adapt and embrace new approaches.

Overall, the conversation aims to raise awareness and encourage collaboration to provide comprehensive care for patients.
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EP. 11

We Are Stronger Together, with the ASAP Pathway Founders

The podcast features a conversation between Drs. Tracey Nguyen, Michelle Weddle, and Stacy Ochoa. They are the founders of ASAP Pathway. They discuss the importance of considering the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in growth and development management. They have recently started a live course on TMJ to help practitioners incorporate this knowledge into their practice. They have also revamped their courses on TMD, early ortho intervention, skeletal expansion, and other topics to focus on practical application and implementation. They emphasize the importance of being able to apply what is learned in the courses to help children right away.

The speakers then shift their focus to Invisalign and its potential benefits in orthodontics. They mention Invisalign First, which allows intervention at a young age to correct crowded arches and deep bites. They also discuss Invisalign MA, which can help improve airway and breathing by advancing the lower jaw. Lastly, they mention the Invisalign Expander, which can improve nasal function and respiratory health.

The speakers express their excitement about these advancements in orthodontics and their eagerness to try them out. They also mention the growth of the pediatric airway field and the importance of ongoing learning and collaboration among practitioners.

Overall, the podcast transcript provides insights into the speakers’ experiences and perspectives on various topics related to dentistry, orthodontics, and airway health. It highlights the importance of continuous education and practical application in improving patient care.
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EP. 12

DAMM Good Sleep, Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Morse emphasizes the neurological aspect of sleep disorders and the importance of comprehensive testing and treatment. They also discuss the emerging research on the connection between gut health and sleep. The speakers stress the need for early intervention and highlight the impact of sleep on cognitive function, physical health, and overall well-being. They also address the limitations of current diagnostic methods and advocate for a more comprehensive approach to sleep medicine.

They discuss various topics related to sleep health, including the role of the microbiome in brain function, challenges in home sleep testing for children, and the importance of diet and fiber in maintaining a healthy microbiome. The speakers also touch on social determinants of health and stress the need for personalized care and realistic solutions. They emphasize the importance of addressing sleep duration, quality, timing, and wakefulness to improve overall sleep health.

These conversations are important as they shed light on the relationship between sleep, the microbiome, and overall health. They also emphasize the need for patients to take an active role in their healthcare and for healthcare providers to prioritize listening and partnership with their patients.
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EP. 13

A Dentist Mom Changing Lives, Dr Julie Davis

The podcast transcript features a conversation between Drs Stacy Ochoa and Julie Davis, a busy dentist and mother.

They discuss the importance of pediatric jaw development and its impact on airway sleep growth and development. Dr Davis shares her journey of learning about these topics and her passion for treating children at a young age. They mention the lack of education on these subjects in dental schools and the importance of collaborating with ENTs, allergists, and myofunctional therapists.

They also discuss an article that criticized orthodontists, pediatric Dentists and Dentists for addressing airway and breathing issues, emphasizing the role of dentists in guiding jaw growth and improving airway function. The speakers highlight the importance of intercepting and treating these issues early in children to prevent future problems. They share stories of their experiences with patients and the positive impact they have seen. The conversation emphasizes the need for understanding sleep medicine, collaborating with medical colleagues, and individualizing treatment for each child. The speakers express their passion for helping children and learning from each unique case.
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EP. 14

The Orthodontist Helping Kids Across the Pond

In this podcast Drs. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Steffen Decker discuss the importance of early intervention and prevention in orthodontic treatment for children. Dr. Decker, a specialist orthodontist, emphasizes the use of clear aligners for children as a more comfortable and effective alternative to traditional methods. They also highlight the connection between oral health and overall wellness, including sleep problems, infections, and concentration difficulties. Dr. Decker shares his experiences treating children and the positive impact it has had on their lives.

The speakers address the lack of awareness and focus on early prevention in the UK and stress the need for orthodontists and dentists to prioritize children’s health. They emphasize the importance of looking at the child as a whole and addressing the underlying causes of dental issues. The challenges faced in implementing early intervention, such as resistance from traditional orthodontic practices and the need for more research and support from universities, are also discussed.

Overall, the podcast emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to orthodontic treatment for children and a shift in mindset within the dental community. The conversation is important for fostering collaboration and support within the orthodontic community.
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EP. 15

Orofacial Fitness and Airway Health

The podcast features a conversation between Dr Stacy Ochoa and Nerissa Boggan, an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. The discussion revolves around the topic of children’s well-being, health, and sleep. Nerissa shares her journey in the dental field, including her involvement in dental hygiene and her transition to becoming a dentist. She emphasizes the importance of empowering dental hygienists and building a strong team to make a significant impact on patients’ lives.

The speakers also touch on the significance of myofunctional therapy in improving breathing and sleep quality, particularly in children. They highlight the need for collaboration between dental professionals and parents to address breathing problems and promote oral health. The conversation emphasizes the importance of patient engagement, education, and critical evaluation of information sources.

The speakers express gratitude for the work done by ASAP Pathway and encourage listeners to subscribe to the podcast and visit the organization’s website for more information.

Overall, the podcast highlights the importance of addressing children’s well-being, health, and sleep in the dental field and emphasizes the role of dental professionals in making a positive impact.
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EP. 16

TMJ Health in Children

The podcast transcript is a conversation between Dr. Stacy Ochoa and Dr. Michelle Weddle, who are hosting the ASAP Pathway Podcast. They discuss the topic of TMJ dysfunction therapy and its implementation in dental practices. The podcast was recorded recently, as they mention upcoming courses on TMJ dysfunction scheduled for May 10th and 11th.

Dr. Michelle Weddle shares her knowledge and experience in TMJ dysfunction therapy, emphasizing the importance of understanding and diagnosing the condition before treatment. She mentions the various philosophies and approaches to TMJ dysfunction, such as Panky, Dawson, and highlights the need for a practical and foundational understanding of the subject.

The hosts discuss the use of imaging techniques like CBCT and MRI to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. They also touch on the importance of distinguishing between stable and unstable joints and determining when it is safe to perform restorative dentistry or orthodontics.

Dr. Weddle emphasizes the need for clear communication with patients, explaining the nature of their condition and managing their expectations. She shares personal experiences and lessons learned in her own practice, highlighting the importance of understanding TMJ dysfunction to provide effective treatment.

Overall, the podcast aims to provide dentists with actionable insights and knowledge on TMJ dysfunction therapy, empowering them to implement these techniques in their own practices. The conversation sheds light on a critical issue in dental health and highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of TMJ dysfunction for better patient outcomes.
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