Are you looking to expand your practice but aren’t sure how? ASAP Pathway can help you expand your practice profitably with rewarding personal and professional growth. Working with ASAP Pathway to expand your practice offers many benefits to you, your team, and your patients.

Add Revenue By Helping At-Risk Patients

There are many ways you can add revenue to your practice. However, not all of them are personally fulfilling, too. But with ASAP Pathway, you can increase the profitability of your practice while helping children who are suffering the effects of sleep and breathing disorders.

Children with sleep disorders may have difficulty in school, but they might also have trouble enjoying their childhood. They might not have the physical energy to run and play or the mental energy to power their imaginations. You can help these children and patients experience all the joys of childhood.

Get Qualified Referrals from a Nationwide Directory

With many approaches to bringing in new revenue, you’re expected to add all your new patients yourself with your own efforts—meaning hustle and spending on advertising. While advertising and hustle will always help, ASAP Pathway is here to give you a hand. Our “Find A Provider” map will bring in patients from around the country, and when they’re near you, we refer them to your practice.

This will help you build your patient base and revenue from day one.

Win Patients for Life

It’s incredibly rewarding for you to help, but for a child with sleep breathing disorders and their parents, the impact will be nothing short of life-changing. When you impact someone’s life in that way, you can win their loyalty for life.

You can decide if you want to take them on as general dentistry patients or simply continue helping them with airway issues. Either way, you’ve laid the foundation for a positive working relationship for life.

Have the Confidence to Manage Pediatric Patients

You don’t have to be a pediatric dentist to manage children, but many general dentists tell us they just don’t have the confidence to manage pediatric patients. ASAP Pathway can help by giving you access to our extensive resources that can help you overcome all your concerns—even the concerns you haven’t thought of yet.

Access an On-Demand Educational Library

At ASAP Pathway, we believe that education is the key to your success in managing your new patients. That’s why we offer many different approaches to getting the information you need. The first is our huge library of educational materials.

This library currently includes over 40 hours of video and audio content that you can watch whenever you want, making it easy to fit into your schedule. And the library continues to grow.

Get Support in a Safe Private Facebook Group

Sometimes you have questions and can’t find the answer in the educational material or elsewhere. You really need to ask someone this important question. That’s why we give you a forum to get your questions answered: a private Facebook group. Only ASAP Pathway members can join, giving you a safe and supportive environment to get answers to your important questions.

We Help with the Paperwork

Adding new managements to your practice means adding new paperwork for screening, diagnosis, and management. Designing these forms can be a time-consuming challenge for you and your team.

That’s why we supply you with these forms. We have versions of these forms that you can start using immediately. They’re all ready to go, just add your practice logo and start using them with your first patient.

Attend Regular Educational Meetings

We said above that our educational library continues to grow. Well, you can be there when we add new videos by attending our “Zoom Casts”, detailed educational events.  Here our Founders and special guests tackle important questions related to pediatric airway and sleep problems.

Since it isn’t just us providing the content, you will see case reviews from other members presented over live video. This gives you the chance to see how others have faced difficult challenges and come up with innovative solutions. You can even share your own innovative solutions.

See Inspirational and How-To Quick Bites

Not all of our content is long-form deep dives into the material. We also supply you with some Quick Bites that you can either use to start your day on the right foot or use to make the most of a spare moment.

These Quick Bites are either “TED Style” inspirational talks or focused how-to lessons on small changes you can use to make a big difference in your approaches to management.

Experience Personal Growth for You and Your Team

With all these opportunities for education and networking, joining ASAP Pathway is about more than just increasing your revenue (though it does that). It helps you grow personally and professionally. Not just you, either, but your entire team will experience growth from the educational material and practicing new techniques.

This personal enrichment is something many practice growth opportunities don’t offer. 

Join ASAP Pathway Now

If you’re feeling that your practice is in need of financial and professional growth, take advantage of ASAP Pathway’s many opportunities.

Want to learn whether ASAP Pathway is right for your practice? Please visit our join page to learn about the packages we offer. You can sign up for a membership and start learning today.